Jersey Mike Franchise Cost: 2024 Fees, Profit, How To Open

Jersey Mike Franchise Cost

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a comprehensive guide about Jersey Mike franchise cost. It specifically aims to offer insights into the franchise costs and fees for 2024, the steps involved in opening a franchise, and an evaluation of its profitability. This information will be instrumental if you’re considering investing in a Jersey Mike’s franchise or simply interested in understanding the dynamics of this successful business model. The data presented here is primarily extracted from Jersey Mike’s 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document and other credible sources, providing a reliable standpoint for potential and current franchisees.

Ed in 1956, Jersey Mike’s has grown its footprint from a small sandwich shop in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, to a multinational submarine sandwich chain. From its humble beginnings as Mike’s Subs, the company has expanded extensively, boasting more than 2,400 locations across the United States and worldwide in 2024. Known for its high-quality, fresh ingredients and commitment to the customer experience, Jersey Mike’s has created a storied reputation amongst its competitors in the fast-food industry.

How Much Is The Jersey Mike Franchise Cost and Fees for 2024?

  • Explanation of the Initial Investment for a Jersey Mike Franchise
Investment TypeAverage Cost
Initial Investment $784,000
  • Breakdown of Franchise Fee, Royalty Fee, and Marketing Fee
Fee TypeAmount
Franchise Fee$18,500
Royalty Fee6.5% of gross sales
Marketing Fee5% of gross sales
  • Additional Costs like Real Estate, Construction Fees, Leasehold Improvements, Equipment, etc
Additional CostsEstimated Range
Formation Costs (Real Estate, Construction Fees, Leasehold Improvements, Equipment, etc.)$163,249 – $1,197,577
Opening Expenses (Initial Inventory, Insurance, Training, Grand Opening Advertising, Additional Funds – First 3 months) $20,200 – $124,003

Just so you know, these are average estimated costs, and the actual prices may vary depending on several factors like the location, size of the restaurant, local labour and material costs, etc.

Jersey Mike Franchise Cost Info:

How to Open a Jersey Mike Franchise In 2024

Here is the complete Jersey Mike Franchise Process that you can follow;

1. Research

The first step involves conducting detailed research about Jersey Mike’s franchise model, costs, operations, and more.

2. Initial Contact

Interested individuals should contact Jersey Mike’s franchise development team, who will provide an overview of the process and answer preliminary questions.

3. Application

Complete a Jersey Mike Franchise application where you’ll provide in-depth information about your financial background and business experience.

4. Meeting

After a review of your application, preliminary approval is given, and a meeting with the Jersey Mike’s representative is scheduled.

5. Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) 

The FDD contains detailed information about the Jersey Mike’s franchise. It should be reviewed carefully.

6. Store Visit/Validation

Conduct a visit to a Jersey Mike location and meet with existing franchisees to understand the business more thoroughly.

7. Finalize Agreement

If approved, you will receive a final franchise agreement to sign. Once the deal is signed and initial franchise fees are paid, you’re officially a Jersey Mike franchise!

Do Jersey Mike Franchise Training Program and Support?

Jersey Mike’s offers a comprehensive training program covering restaurant operations, marketing, customer service, and more. The training includes a mix of in-class and on-the-job instruction. Additionally, ongoing support is available through refresher courses, operational guidance, manuals, newsletters, and a dedicated team for answering your queries.

  • Finding and Securing a Location

The next step involves identifying and securing an appropriate location for your Jersey Mike’s franchise. Jersey Mike’s supports site selection, ensuring the spot aligns with their brand requirements regarding visibility, access population density, etc. Once the location is approved, the lease negotiation process, architectural plan development, and construction occur.

  • Grand Opening and Operations

Before the grand opening, you must execute a local marketing plan to create a buzz in the local community. Jersey Mike provides guidance and support during this phase. Once the store is ready, there’s a grand opening, followed by daily operations according to Jersey Mike’s business model and standards. Monthly royalty and marketing fees are paid based on the store’s gross sales. The franchisee is responsible for hiring and managing their own team under the guidelines of Jersey Mike’s. You will continue to get support from Jersey Mike’s team throughout your franchise relationship.

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How Much Will You Make Profit Through Jersey Mike Franchise?

  • Analysis of Average Sales and Potential Profits for a Jersey Mike’s Franchise
Sales & Income TypeAmount
Average Weekly Sales (Top 25% Stores)$28,000
Average Weekly Sales (Overall)$18,000
Gross Revenues Retained by Franchisee20-25%

Factors Affecting Profitability

Site LocationLocations in high traffic areas or within larger communities are likely to generate more sales.
CompetitionLocal competition can impact sales, especially if competing brands are in close proximity.
Running CostsConsumables like ingredients, utilities, staff wages, and ongoing franchise fees all affect profitability.
Quality of ServiceCustomer satisfaction can significantly influence sales and repeat business.

Estimated Payback Period for Initial Investment (Based on an average initial investment of $784,000)

Calculation MethodEstimated Time
If retaining 20% of Gross RevenuesRoughly 3 – 4 years
If retaining 25% of Gross RevenuesRoughly 2.5 -3.5

Pros and Cons of Owning a Jersey Mike Franchise

1.Exclusive Territory Protection: Franchisees are granted an exclusive operating area, minimising direct internal competition.High Competition: The fast-food industry, particularly the sub-sandwich market, is highly competitive. Franchisees will need to find ways to stand out.
2.Marketing Support: Franchisees benefit from the brand’s strong national marketing campaigns and advertising efforts.Full-time Commitment: Operating a Jersey Mike’s franchise requires full-time involvement, which may not suit investors interested in semi-absentee ownership.
3.Third-Party Financing: Jersey Mike’s has relationships with third-party lenders, potentially easing the financial burden of startup costs.Reliance on Physical Locations: The success of the franchise relies heavily on favourable foot traffic and local market conditions, which can vary and change unpredictably.
4.Brand Reputation: Jersey Mike’s strong brand and reputation can help attract customers.Initial Costs: The initial investment to start a Jersey Mike’s franchise can be high, including equipment, construction, and franchising fees.
5.Training and Support: Franchisees receive extensive training and ongoing support, aiding operation and success.Ongoing Costs: Franchisees must pay ongoing fees, such as royalties and advertising contributions, which can eat into net profits.
6.Proven Business Model: The tested and refined business model of Jersey Mike’s provides franchisees a blueprint for operations.Limited Creativity: As a franchise, affiliates must adhere to brand guidelines and standards, which might limit individual creativity and uniqueness in local markets.
7.Potential High Returns: Jersey Mike’s franchises have the potential for high returns, based on the overall performance of the brand.Dependent on Franchise Agreement: All the rights of the franchisee are subject to the franchising agreement terms, which might not always be in the favour of the franchisee.


To conclude, owning a Jersey Mike franchise can be profitable, given the brand’s strong reputation and robust support model. However, like any investment, it does come with challenges and associated costs. Therefore, due diligence and careful planning are key to optimizing profitability and ensuring a worthwhile return on your Investment.

Disclaimer: The details provided in this post are strictly for informational and educational purposes only. It aims to provide an overview and general understanding, based on the most recent data available, about investing in a Jersey Mike’s franchise. The decision to invest in a franchise is significant and crucial to conduct your due diligence. Hence, seeking professional advice from a financial advisor, legal expert, or certified franchise consultant is highly recommended. They can provide tailored advice and insights based on your circumstances and financial situation. Every potential investor’s situation is unique, and professional guidance can help make the best decision. This will help protect your interests, ensuring all risks and opportunities are considered.