Crumbl Cookies Franchise Cost, Profits, How To Open (2024)

crumbl cookies franchise cost

Welcome to our comprehensive exploration of Crumbl Cookies franchise cost business. As we open up 2023, many promising entrepreneurs and investors are keen to reveal opportunities that pave the way for business success. Among the rising stars of the franchise world, one shines brightly in the niche of desserts – Crumbl Cookies.

This revealing blog post is set to dive headfirst into the cost, fees, profits, and process of opening a Crumbl franchise. We will methodically consider every aspect of this endeavor: from the history and uniqueness of this fast-growing franchise, the nitty-gritty of startup and ongoing costs, and potential profits to a step-by-step guide on how to open your own Crumbl Cookies franchise.

Know More About Crumbl Cookies Franchise 

  • Launching their delicious journey in 2017 in Logan, Utah, Crumbl Cookies was born from the innovative minds of cousins Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan. Within a year of its inception, Crumble established a substantial footprint in the cookie arena, growing from a single-location start to a franchise boasting over 850 stores nationwide by June 2023.
  • In today’s digital era, Crumbl Cookies swiftly recognized the power of social media. They harnessed it to construct a distinctive brand identity to a triumphant consumer reach. Their bright pink boxes, eye-catching cookie designs, and luscious drips of melted chocolate create aesthetically pleasing content that has amassed a profound social media following, boasting almost 7M TikTok followers and around 4M Instagram followers.

How to Open a Crumbl Cookies Franchise 2024

Franchise Application Process

Opening a Crumbl Cookies franchise begins with the application process, which can be broken down into the following steps:

 1. Initial Inquiry

Reach out to Crumbl Cookies indicating your interest in becoming a franchisee. You can do this usually via their website’s ‘Franchise’ section.

2. Formal Application

 If your initial inquiry is successful, you’ll be invited to submit a formal application. This will include detailed information on your financial situation, business experience, and your proposed location for the franchise.

3. Review of Application

The experts at Crumbl Cookies will meticulously review your application. This typically involves thoroughly analyzing your financial potential, experience, and proposed operational plans.

4. Discovery Day

Following a successful application review, you’ll be invited to an interview, typically called a ‘Discovery Day’. Here, you’ll meet with the franchise team, get a feel for the business culture, ask questions, and clarify any ambiguities.

5. Franchise Agreement 

If all goes well at Discovery Day, the next step would be to sign the Franchise Agreement, which outlines the franchisor’s and franchisee’s responsibilities.

How Much Does Crumbl Cookies Franchise Cost?

Initial/ongoing costsCosts/Fees (USD)Details
Initial Franchise Fee$50,000This is a non-refundable fee paid upon signing the franchise agreement, granting you the right to operate under the Crumbl Cookies brand name.
Tech & Equipment Package$23,300 – $167,650This includes the cost of tech equipment like the point of sale system, and other essential equipment for your store.
Premises LeaseVariesThe cost can significantly vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the property. It’s not included in the initial franchise fee and is generally paid directly to the landlord.
Initial Training Fee$4,000 – $8,000This covers the cost of initial training provided by Crumbl Cookies to the franchisee. The cost may vary if the owner has previously owned a Crumbl franchise.
InventoryIncluded in the $347,666 – $691,783 Franchise CostInitial inventory required to open the franchise.
Additional Equipment, FurnitureIncluded in Equipment PackageThis covers necessary fittings, kitchen tools and bakery equipment like ovens etc.
Ongoing Royalty Fees8% of Gross SalesThese are ongoing monthly fees paid to Crumbl Cookies to use their brand and receive continuous support.
Marketing fees2% of Gross SalesThis is an ongoing fee paid to Crumbl Cookies to fund marketing campaigns and promotional efforts.

Please note, these costs are estimates and can vary depending on multiple factors like location, size of outlet, time of establishment, etc. Before making investment decisions, I would also recommend consulting with a financial advisor or a franchise, and thoroughly reviewing the Crumbl Cookies Franchise Disclosure Document.

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Net Profit Margin for a Crumbl Cookies Franchise 2024

Estimates suggest that the average Crumbl Cookies franchise can expect a yearly profit of $314,000, resulting in an EBITDA margin of about 18%. However, it’s essential to consider these indicative figures; the actual net profit can vary based on location, operational efficiency, cost controls, and marketing effectiveness.

Crumbl Cookies Training and Support Program

Crumbl Cookies greatly values the success of their franchisees and thus provides comprehensive training and ongoing support.

crumbl cookies franchise cost (support and training programs)
  • Initial Training

 This includes an extensive program at the Crumbl Cookies headquarters covering various elements of running the business – operations, marketing techniques, service standards, managing essential software, and understanding the brand culture.

  • On-site Training 

Additionally, they provide on-site training to you and your team as you prepare for your store launch. This aims at hands-on learning and teaches essential practical skills for running the franchise.

  • Ongoing Support

Crumbl Cookies believes in constant support. They provide operational advice, marketing guidance, periodic refresher training, software support, etc., to ensure the franchisees have everything they need to run their business successfully.

For more information visit Crumbl Cookies Website:

Wrapping Up

Considering the sense of community, customer loyalty, and strong social media presence of Crumbl Cookies, investing in a franchise seems promising. Despite the high crumbl cookies franchise cost, the potential for substantial returns and support from a successful and rapidly growing brand might make this a sweet and fruitful business venture.