Dutch Bros Franchise Cost: Fees, Opportunities, How To Open (2024)

Dutch Bros Franchise Cost

If you’ve ever dreamed of running a coffee shop, consider a Dutch Bros franchise. Known for its community spirit and energetic drive-through experience, Dutch Bros has made its mark in the coffee industry. Now, you might wonder about the Dutch Bros franchise cost and what it entails. Our blog post breaks down the financial aspects of owning one of these lively coffee shops. Discover if this coffee-loving venture is the right fit for you, and get ready to brew up some exciting possibilities in Dutch Bros Coffee.

Dutch Bros’ successful franchise model stems from a drive-through coffee shop concept born in 1992. The founders, Dane and Travis Boersma transitioned from the dairy business to serving espresso from a pushcart. The idea was grounded in delivering high-quality coffee and creating a lively environment where customers are served with notable enthusiasm, all underscored by the founders’ outgoing personality and strong devotion to their community. Over time, their concept blossomed. The first franchise opened in 2000, and Dutch Bros’ coffee culture gradually spread, generating significant brand loyalty.

How Much Does Dutch Bros Franchise Cost?

Franchise FeeApproximately $30,000
Net Worth RequirementMinimum of $500,000
Royalty Fees5% of gross sales or $1,300whichever is higher)
Franchise PolicyClosed to the general public, only available to existing Dutch Bros employees (‘broistas’)
Business ExperienceRequired to be a former or existing Dutch Bros employee
Community InvolvementFranchisees are encouraged to partake in community events and initiatives
Maintaining Brand ReputationFranchisees must uphold Dutch Bros’ standards of service, quality and community commitment

Please note, these requirements and costs are approximations based on available data. The actual figures might vary, and it is recommended to consult with Dutch Bros Franchise directly for accurate and up-to-date information.

The Advantages of Owning a Dutch Bros Franchise In 2024

  1. Strong Brand Recognition: Dutch Bros’ unique branding and notable presence in the coffee industry provides a solid foundation for franchisees, offering a successful and growing brand with a devoted customer base.
  2. Emphasis on Culture: The franchise benefits from Dutch Bros’ engaging, uplifting work environment and company culture, which is deeply ingrained in all aspects of the business.
  3. High-Quality Offerings: Dutch Bros’ focus on providing quality beverages and excellent customer service enhances its reputation and instills trust in local franchise operators.
  4. Integral Role in ‘Broista’ Experience: As a Dutch Bros franchise owner, one participates actively in the unique ‘Broista’ concept, providing first-rate service and meaningful customer engagement.
  5. Comprehensive Training: With a prerequisite experience as a ‘barista,’ franchisees already understand the operations, culture, and hospitality philosophy of Dutch Bros, ensuring a smooth transition into franchise ownership.
  6. Community Involvement: Dutch Bros is known for its strong sense of community. Owning a franchise allows one to partake in local events and fundraising efforts, creating a rewarding sense of connection and responsibility to the community.
  7. Customer Connection and Satisfaction: Being a part of Dutch Bros’ community involvement provides opportunities for deepening relationships with customers, and running a business that gives back to the community brings a profound sense of personal satisfaction.

How Can You Open a Dutch Bros Franchise?

To open a Dutch Bros franchise, there are several known costs and steps to consider. However, the opportunity is only extended to existing employees, or ‘baristas.’ These steps encompass:

Step 1: Begin employment with Dutch Bros to gain company operations and culture experience. This is a major requirement, as Dutch Bros currently limits franchise opportunities to existing staff members.

Step 2: Ensure you meet the financial requirements. This includes:

  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000
  • Available Liquid Capital: $125,000
  • Initial franchise fee: Approximately $30,000 – Expected to pay a monthly royalty of either 5% of the gross sales or $1,300, whichever is greater.

Step 3: Should you meet these requirements and spend adequate time as a staff member, you may be extended an opportunity to begin the process of opening your own Dutch Bros.

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Please note that Dutch Bros chooses to keep their franchising in-house (closed franchise policy), which means they only accept franchise applications from individuals employed with the company.

For more info, reach out directly to the Dutch Bros Franchise website: https://www.dutchbros.com/


In summary, considering a Dutch Bros franchise is a chance to embrace a thriving coffee culture. Understanding the Dutch Bros franchise’s cost, benefits, and process is essential. While the opportunity is available only to existing employees, it offers a strong brand, engaging culture, and community connection. Meeting financial requirements is key. If you meet these criteria and are passionate about it, Dutch Bros could be your gateway to coffee shop entrepreneurship.